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Rabbi Chaim Dalfin was born and raised in a Chabad-Lubavitcher family, and studied in Chabad yeshivas. He attended the farbrengens of the Rebbe for 25 years, and received his rabbinical training and ordination at the Central Yeshiva Tomchei Temimim Lubavitch-770 in Brooklyn, New York. During that time he studied with numerous Chabad luminaries including Rabbi Yoel Kahn. In 1984, Rabbi Dalfin and his wife were appointed by the Rebbe as Chabad emissaries.


Rabbi Dalfin is an internationally known teacher, Mashpia and motivational speaker.


He is also a researcher, historian and ethnographer of Chasidism, and the author of over sixty books.


He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and children.


"...I envy you that your audience is one that can appreciate the extremely rich sources for self-esteem and values from the Torah literature and especially Chassidic writings. I think you’ve made a significant contribution..."

Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. Founder/ Medical Dir. Gateway Rehabilitation Center

To my knowledge, no other English author has researched and documented these topics in such a comprehensive and targeted manner. I have no doubt that generations of researchers and laymen will benefit from R’ Dalfin’s work

Mitchell Hecht, Esq.

Rabbi Dalfin brings the Rebbe’s memory as the mirror that reflects Judaism back to itself. 

Robert Eshman

Associate Editor, Jewish Journal, Los Angeles

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  • Finding G-D through Prayer

  • Intimacy: Into Me You See

  • Living Like A Chossid

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