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Soul Journeys

Soul Journeys

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You meet someone for the first time. Inexplicably, you are drawn to each other. You relate easily, you laugh easily. There is no need for the usual masks you wear with typical strangers. On the contrary, you feel as if you’ve known this other person for centuries. If physical chemistry is an irresistible pull between bodies, this is an irresistible attraction between two souls. Though you’ve never met before, it feels undeniably real that you’ve been together in a world of truth, goodness and peacefulness.

Every human being alive today – from the most spiritually sensitive to the most hard-boiled among us – has had "soul experiences." Perhaps you’ve suddenly thought about someone far away, only to have that person telephone you the next instant. Or, perhaps, as in the example above, you’ve met someone for the first time and felt a powerful familiarity or bond that belied the newness of your friendship. Just a few years ago, it was unfashionable to believe in anything Science couldn’t measure. The soul? Beyond-the-body experiences? A life after this one? You had to be a fringe member of society to embrace these beliefs. Not any more. Not only is the "other worldly" gaining acceptance as a reality of life, it’s even meriting major news coverage.


    • PublisherJewish Enrichment Press, 2001
    • ISBN: 1880880512, 9781880880517
    • Length: 118 pages
    • Language: : English
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