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Lubavitch Speak

Lubavitch Speak


The Friediker Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn (1880-1950) said, "Az men dermont zich af di amolike verter iz men zich poshut mechaya", “When we remind ourselves of the ‘sayings of old,’ it enlivens us". The expressions used through the generations in Lubavitch are permeated with chayos, life and a holy energy. In them is preserved a culture and  lifestyle of genuine warmth since these expressions come from a time and a place when people truly cared for one another.

It is with this in mind that I have written LubavitchSpeak. Because the world of Lubavitch is so vast, and means different things to different people, it seemed worthwhile to create a dictionary of its unique words, sayings, and colloquialisms for those who wish to better acquaint themselves with Lubavitch


    • Item Weight : 218 g
    • Paperback : 184 pages
    • ISBN-10 : 0692496440
    • ISBN-13 : 978-0692496442
    • Product Dimensions : 13.97 x 1.04 x 21.59 cm
    • Publisher : Albion-Andalus Books (27 July 2015)
    • Language: : English
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