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Do Not Rush To Eat


The Rebbe Rashab had certain shiurim he studied after he finished davening, before he would eat. Since he was weak, the doctor asked him why he did this since it was not good for his health. He responded that after one davens the animal soul is in full force; once davening is over it could continue its plot. At that time, if one learns with great joy he can truly aid his G-dly soul in overcoming the undesirable quest of the animal drive.


The Beginning Is Rough


During the very first year of the Frierdiker Rebbe’s leadership, he was dangerously ill with high temperatures. Chasidim asked the Rogetzchover Gaon, Reb Yosef Rosen to daven for the Rebbe. The Rogetzchover responded with a letter. He writes, "We see that Moshe Rabbeinu experienced the revelation of the burning bush at the very beginning of his leadership. It consisted of a tremendous amount of light. So also, the Frierdiker Rebbe, although initially experiences a lot of heat, the end will be very positive. He will continue his leadership for many years in a most powerful way."



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