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Demystifying the Mystical

Demystifying the Mystical

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The study of Chassidus needs to be studied in manner that is internalized. This is only possible by understanding the depth of Chassidus by using analogies, parables and examples. In this way Chassidus becomes your food for thought, you can digest it and you have the appropriate words to show how these very same esoteric thoughts are really very practical and down to earth. For this reason I’ve called the book "Demystifying the Mystical".


My goal in writing this book is to create a primer for the average layman who doesn’t have the words and explanations to make Chasidus as understandable as Talmud or the Code of Jewish Law. One doesn’t have to be a Chasid to read this book. The only prerequisite is that you be open enough to pursuing the words of the Zohar, "... And because in the future Israel will taste from the Tree of Life, the Sefer haZohar, they will leave exile with it, in mercy." Chasidus being the application of the Tree of Life, will bring the ultimate revelation of our righteous Mashiach, and being that each and every Jew naturally desires the manifestation of Mashiach, therefore we must pursue the study of Chasidus as we pursue our work, health and family.


    Format:    Softcover

    Publication Date:    1995-11-01    
    Pages:    170  

    Language:    English
    Publisher:    Jason Aronson

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