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Davening: Weekday

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The davener, person praying, is known as an "Oveid" and what he does is "avoda," Both words are related to the phrase ibud oros - the process of making animal hides fit to use. The tanner makes fine leather out of the animal hide. He "works" on the raw hide until it becomes a beautiful entity, perhaps fit even for a Sefer Torah - a Torah scroll. In the same way, an "Oveid" can labor to make himself into a being who can fully express the attributes of his Creator. Even though the materials used in the process may give the tanner an unpleasant smell, it is all worth it. To hold the finished product in his hands, knowing that it took many hours of effort, is of paramount importance to the tanner, and the same is true for the Oveid. Davening properly requires time and effort. Also, it is difficult to become aware of one’s small-mindedness and corporeality. However, remembering the objective - the transformation of character - one lets go and jumps in with joy and anticipation. We call our book "Davening," because this one word best expresses the objective of prayer. We incorporated thoughts from many different Rebbes and Chasidim such as Ger, Belz, Square-Tzernobel, Lubavitch, and Vishnitz.



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