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A Model for Leadership

A Model for Leadership

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 Chabad Lubavitch Chasidism has been in existence for more than two hundred years. The founder, Rabbi Schneur Zalman, brought a new approach to the dissemination of Chasidus. His innovative path was a seed planted that would later give rise to a strong tree with rich and delicious fruit. Today, it is the Chabad ideology introduced by Rabbi Schneur Zalman that spiritually sustains Jewish communities all over the world.


This book explores the positive revolution brought to Judaism by Chabad Chasidus, beginning from Rabbi Schneur Zalman until the Rebbe of the seventh Chabad generation, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Also included are impressionable quotes from each Rebbe. These quotes will offer readers short, but penetrating, lessons with which to enrich their lives.


    • Paperback : 198 pages
    • ISBN-13 : 978-1880880265
    • ISBN-10 : 1880880261
    • Item Weight : 1.01 pounds
    • Publisher : JEC Publishing (January 1, 1998)
    • Language: : English
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